Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 11 Month Aniversary!

Today, we are celebrating our 11 months of marriage! Next month on February 15th, we'll have been married for 12 months! That's a whole year! Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!

Brandon is so sweet! He surprised me this morning with flowers and a cute card! :) What a wonderful husband! :)

So pretty! I love the yellow! It brings sunshine into the house during the dreary weary winter. :)

This is the card he gave me! Doesn't that look awesome? I love custom-made homemade cards!

Here we are together!

And of course, he got a BIG KISS from his dahlink! :) Love you sweetie!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jamie's Baby Shower!

We surprised Jamie by planning a baby shower for her over the Christmas break! We had it at Kayla's and also had a lot of fun! :) On the far left is Brad's sister, Mel. Her little girl, Evie, was sooooooooo cute! She loves Blue's Clues and her mom sticks them to things in the room for Evie to find. When Evie finds one, she gets a surprised look on her face and holds her hands to her mouth in amazement, then points and says, "Look! A clue!" lol, it was adorable!
Watching Jamie open presents! I made a little baby hat and booties for Jamie and Kayla (since they are both having babies). They were really fun to make and turned out cute! :)
Here's Jamie with all of her fun little things she got for little Stephen! :)
This is the hat that I gave to Kayla for her little girl! :) I like the hippos and the bow on the side.
And these are the booties!

Here is Pooh Bear modeling the cap. Awww, he looks so cute! ;)
Here is that cap for Jamie's little guy! Brandon had the idea to put buttons for the boy cap.
These are the booties, with a button on one side.

Pooh Bear modeled this cap as well. :)

Thanks to Brandon, it seems that Gengar wanted to be a cute model too. Sorry Gengar, but I don't think there's ANYTHING that will make you cute...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Here we are! The whole Brodhead clan (minus Matthew, who is on a mission)! Starting from top left, we have: Dad, Mom (aka, Bob), Josh, Brad, Dave, Steve, Brandon, and Kurtis. Bottom Left: Jamie, Kayla, Kimmy, and Melissa! Explanation of who is who: Josh and Jamie are married and have a little boy on the way due in April. Brad and Kayla are married and due this month (Jan.) with a little girl! Dave just returned from his mission to Chile, and Kimmy is the awesome author of The Osarian Tales, and expecting her papers for a mission soon! Steve is working hard delivering packages with UPS! Kurtis is a Junior in high school and working at Arby's!
Here is the pretty Christmas tree!This little santa belonged to Brandon's Grandpa Brodhead, and was given to him when we was really little. Grandpa Brodhead recieved it as a present when he was little. This ornament is 70 years old! What a priceless heirloom! :)Here we have Kimmy, Santa's helper for this year! She got to wear the hat and distribute the presents for everyone!Kurtis was Santa's helper's helper ;)Jamie and Josh relaxing on the couch, and Buddy (Kurtis) in his blow up chair.Bob and Dad gave Melissa the DVD of White Christmas. We tried to watch it the night we arrived in Everett, but Melissa was so tired she fell asleep. We tried again on Christmas Eve, but that night was not successful either. You can imagine how happy she was to have it so she could finally see the end!How many people can you fit on a loveseat? Comfortably: 2 Uncomfortably (according to Dave): 3.Look what Kayla and Brad got! It's Buddy in a Bag! ;)Here's Mom with all of her cute daughters!Oh the weather outside is frightful! More than a foot of snow accumulated while we were there! Wowzers!
We played lots of games while we were there. Here is a very intense game of Settlers of Catan.

Dave got Monopoly for Christmas!

Here's Dave, probably thinking, "How dare you take a picture of me, po!" ;)A picture with Brad and Kayla! It was great to see them!

We make a cute cup-le, don't we?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Part 1

We had our own little celebration the Sunday before Christmas since we were flying to Washington to be with Brandon's family. We couldn't take all of our gifts to each other with us, so we decided to have a Christmas Part 1!
Here is our fun Christmas picture! It turned out pretty good, huh?Melissa holding her Christmas orange! We got them in our stockings from Santa. :)This is Melissa's stocking! She made the whole thing herself! It reminds her of her family's dog, Happy. :)Here's Brandon showing off his new shirt and tie that he got from Mom and Dad Dodds! They look great on him!Brandon got a niiiiiice pair of Mickey Mouse slippers. He loves to wear them because they are "super warm and comfy!"

Melissa shows off her new Tinkerbell pj's without actually putting them on. ;)

So, Melissa was at work at The Disney Store one day, and saw that they had gotten in a new PRINCESS blanket. She called Brandon as soon as her shift was over and told him, "So, is there still room in the Melissa's Christmas budget for one more thing?" Brandon said there was, so he was a very sweet husband and got it for his sweetie! :) She loves it and uses it a lot!

Melissa got lots of wonderful gifts from her dear Brandon: the princess blanket, ABBA's Greatest hits CD, Tinkerbell PJ's, a princess calendar, princess Uno, and an Anastasia DVD! She also got a REALLy cute dress from Mom and Dad Dodds, along with leggings to wear under it, and jewelry! Thanks everyone!

Brandon's collection consisted of the shirt and tie from Mom and Dad Dodds, a Mickey Mouse long sleeve T-shirt, Mickey slippers, a pair of warm, non-ski gloves, and new socks! (Needless to say, we took advantage of Melissa's discount at work. ;)

Kristin, Joe, Jenna and Jacob were all so sweet to get us this adorable book! Melissa and her sisters used to read it every Christmas when they were little! There are many wonderful memories with this story, and we hope our future children will enjoy it just as much as they have! :)

Although these are Disney movies, we didn't get them at the Disney Store. Target was having an awesome after Thanksgiving sale: Disney movies $7.99 each! What a deal!

These are more of the Christmas cookies that we made. We had lots of fun making them! :)
Christmas Part 1 was really fun! Stay tuned for Christmas Part 2 where we spend Christmas day with Brandon's family in Everett, Washington!