Sunday, March 7, 2010

Southern California Trip Part 3- Sea World!

Day three we went to Sea World! We loved the Dolphin show and we loved seeing Shamu and all the other water animals! We even got to pet the sting rays!

Here's the dolphin show. They are Melissa's favorite!

Here's Melissa with all the pink flamingos!


"Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea...."

Here's a video of the Shark Tunnel. They have this small tunnel through the shark's tank and a moving walkway that you stand on to go through it. It's pretty cool!

I want this car. :D
On our way home, we stopped by the beach real quick while the sun was setting. It was pretty. :)
Then we went to Medieval Times for dinner and JOUSTING!!! :D The place looked like a castle inside and out. Lame picture of the outside, but we were driving, so it was hard to get. :P

Everyone was assigned a specific knight to root for. We had the black and white night. Here he is! He didn't win (or come all that close to it either), but we thought he did great!

Here are all of the knights, ready to compete!

We got a picture with the "king's assistant" (we don't remember his exact title).
And here's us with the black and white knight!

Awesome day, awesome place! We'll have to go again sometime! :)

Southern California Trip Part 2- Disneyland!

The next day of our awesome trip, we headed down to Anaheim to go to DISNEYLAND! Melissa's favorite place! :) Here's a video of the Sleeping Beauty Castle!

Melissa gets a quick pic with Bert from Mary Poppins and Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Here's Brandon in front of Splash Mountain, just before we got, really soaked. Well, actually, just Brandon got really soaked. We were in the very front, and lucky for Melissa, she had a hoodie sweatshirt to cover her face and hair from getting wet. Melissa stayed mostly dry, while Brandon got a face-full of Splash Mountain!

Melissa with her Fairy Godmother! ;)

On our way over to Star Tours (LOVE that ride!) we stumbled upon a Jedi battle!

Cute kids! Fighting Darth Vader is something they'll probably remember forever!

While we were there, we also noticed a ride neither of us had ever been on or bothered to really check out. The ride was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and we're sure glad we did try it! It's like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and laser tag combined! You get to blast lasers at all of these targets and while riding it and help Buzz defeat the evil Zurg! Here's a fun video of the awesomeness of the Disneyland technology! I love these robots!

Here's Small World all lit up and pretty! This ride is classic! It was also neat to see that they added some Disney characters into the ride, like Cinderella, Ariel, Lilo and Stitch, Nemo, Mulan and Mushu, Peter Pan, and a whole lot more!

Now, you can't go to Disneyland without seeing Mickey and Minnie, although we kinda did. BUT, we did get this fun video of them dancing in the parade that night! Check it out! Mickey has some pretty good moves too! :)

After a long and awesome day at the Happiest Place on Earth, we went to dinner at Bubba Gumps! It was yumalicious and we ate lots of shrimp!

We had a great time, and loved going to Disneyland again! Maybe we'll have a few more people with up when we go next time. ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Southern California Trip Part 1

Brandon and I took a very needed vacation in January to Southern California with the money we won from the Honey Bunches of Oats vacation giveaway. :) Our first stop was Universal Studios Hollywood!

Here is Brandon at the entrance!

A Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder car! Pretty cool, no? :)

Me and Jason hanging out by his cool car... ;)

The Simpsons ride. It was pretty fun and ended up being one of Brandon's favorites!

We got to take a tour of some of the sets around Hollywood. Here are a couple of pictures.

The Dolorian from Back to the Future!

The whole beach from Jaws. Crazy small, huh?

JAWS!!! AH, MY NIGHTMARES HAVE BECOME REAL!! I knew I shouldn't have watche dthat movie... ;)

Here's a scene from War of the Worlds. They had to take apart a whole 7-47 just to make it look like it crashed in a neighborhood! So cool!

Look what Brandon caught! ;)

I got to meet Spongebob! YAY!

We also got to meet Princess Fiona! We noticed afterward that she and I were doing the same pose. It just proves that I'm a princess even more! :)

Brandon would make a great astronaut, wouldn't you say so? :)


Donkey's Waffles!
Universal City Walk.
The Hard Rock Cafe! We went there for dinner after a long and awesome day at the theme park.