Friday, October 23, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! Check out this funny video! It's on my blog called Melissa's Attic.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Blog!

I have a new blog called Melissa's Attic, where I just ramble about what I like, what I think, and what I'm up to. :) You can check it out if you want! It's pretty fun!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Day at Daybreak

We then spent Labor Day at a beach area around a place called Daybreak. We had lots of fun! (Note: In case you are wondering why I'm not in a lot of these pics, it's because I spent most of the time on a walk with Andrea, Sarah, and Liz. Also, I got these pics from Joe and Kristin, and I'm thinking I just must not have been int he same place as their camera).

Here we all are!

Cute Jacob playing in the sand and water.

Ha ha, color coordination?

This was when we went to Kristin and Joe's and got to see baby Kate! She's sooooo adorable!! I loved getting to hold her!

What an angel! We all really love her!

Thanksgiving Point

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Utah to visit Kristin, Joe, their kids (and new baby Kate!!!) and Ben and Andrea! Mom, Dad, Liz, Sarah, and Michael got to come too, so it was really fun to see the whole family! :)
We were going to go to Lagoon while we were there, but my chiropractor told me not to ride the roller coasters. So, it was pretty much pointless to go, because what else do you do at Lagoon?
So instead we went to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, and it was really cool! We had a great time!

Here's the front entrance.

We found a cave! Hmm, maybe we can live here? It'll be closer to lots of family.... ;)

Liz and Sarah! Cute sistas!

Brandon's new friend. ;)

Aw, what a cute wittle dinosaur!

Ha ha! They found some dinosaur things to put on your back so you can "dress up" like one! Kind of funny really. They look good though, huh? I especially enjoy Michael's face!

"Are you asking for a challeeeeenge?!?!" Ha ha, can you guess who says that?

A pretty impressive T-Rex! Funny thing though is that yes, they are really big, but they actually aren't as big as they portray them on TV. I figure that if I would have been standing up on the rock it was on, I would come to it's thigh, which is big, but not as gigantic as the movies make it out to be.

A Velociraptor (not sure if I spelled that right).

This was soooooo cool! It's a giant sea turtle!

Ha ha, this one's for Brandon's brother Matthew! He has some joke thing about Llamas, and this looks like a prehistoric Llama (although I'm not sure if it really is...)

And here's its skeleton.

This dinosaur was sooooooo cool! There were two long necks (sorry, I can't remember the real name...thanks for making me look dumb Land Before Time...) and they stretched across the room they were so big! It was awesome! This one is trying to eat me!!! ;)

This is what I was looking up at. Pretty cool!

They have this part where you can design your own dino. We used every single part that they had!

Aaaaaahhh!!! My nightmares from Jaws have come true!!!! ;)

Brandon gives the shark a high five!

Brandon assists in helping to slay the Mammoth!

And this is what they do to you if you touch the exhibits...j/k!

Such fun! I love museums!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny Dino Pics with the Family....

So, one morning, as everyone was eating breakfast at Mom and Dad Brodhead's, Steve found something fun on the back of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch box: A mask to scare your friends with! (Seriously, that's what it said!) So we all took turns trying it on, and I'm pretty sure I would be scared if my friend was wearing that... ;)

Here I am...I like the hair!

Here's Bob (Mom)
And I think this one is Kimberly

We had more, but Steve got those pics, and I think you get the idea with just these few. :)

Dave and Melissa's Wedding!

Brandon's brother Dave got married to a very sweet and pretty girl named Melissa Prete in the Seattle temple on August 7th! (Hmmm, sweet and must come with the name ;)
Aren't they so cute?

Josh, Jamie, and little Stephen.

Isn't he adorable?! :D

Aw, and little Hallie! She's a cutie!

The reception was very pretty! (And so was the luncheon, but we were silly AGAIN and forgot to take pictures :P)

Hee hee, cute babies!

A Fun Date

Brandon went to donate blood a while back (because he is so sweet and brave) and he entered into a drawing to win tickets to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Well, guess who won? :D Then, about a week later, Brandon's team won at bowling at a bowling party for work, so he also won a $10 gift card to a Hawaiian restaurant! So we had a date night and got to use both. The movie was good (although the book is always better) and the Hawaiian dinner we got was really good and fun! :)

I love chop sticks! I can't use them very well, but I think they're fun anyway!

My New Haircut!

So, just in case you couldn't tell that my hair was shorter in all those older posts, I got my hair cut! It's grown out a little since these pics, but this is what it looks like. :) I like it a lot and its sooooo much easier to take care of!

Okay, this pic is only here because I thought my outfit was really cute. :)

Yay for hair!

4th of July and My Birthday!

The 4th o f July and my birthday were both celebrated on the same day this year in Twin Falls, all of which was awesome! :D In the morning, we had a big neighborhood breakfast and 4th of July parade which again, I did not get pics of. Oh well! :) But we did have a fun BBQ with the cousins and family and we even got to take a family picture all together! :D

Here are my birfday pictures!

Kristin got some earrings for me and they are so super cute!

Here's everything I got, kind of jumbled up together... :) thanks everyone for the great birthday!

We then did fireworks later that night, and I was soooooooooooo tired! I don't even remember Brandon taking this picture...