Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday was Father's Day, and although Brandon is not a father yet, I decided that he probably will be, so why not include him in the festivities? ;) Hee hee, seriously though, Brandon is going to be a wonderful Daddy someday!

Ooh, presents!

Blackbeard's Ghost! Brandon really likes this movie! We watched it later that day, and it was hillarious!

What's in here???

A box!

A cool shirt in a box! That color looks really good on him! :)

Great Mouse Detective! Another of Brandon's favorites!

And last, but not least, a kiss for the winner! ;)

Happy Father's Day Sweetie!

Happy Early Birthday!

Brandon and I decided last week to organize a game night with our friends. So we invited people over for Friday night at 7:30. Our friends own a house, so they offered to have it at their house, which we thought was great since we were going to have quite a few people over. So, Friday night, we show up at John and Pamella's house, and there in the middle of the table was a birthday cake that said, "Happy Birthday Melissa!" I was a little confused, and then discovered that my dear husband had turned our game night into a birthday celebration for me! :) He was pretty sneaky too, because I had no idea about anything!

Playing games!

The cake! The cake was banana with walnuts and custard filling! Really good!

Make a wish!

Blow 'em out!

It was lots of fun, and I was totally surprised! Thanks everyone!

Cabin Camping Trip

A few weeks ago, we were invited by our friends, Dallin and Maren, to spend a couple days with them at their family cabin. Our friends Jennifer and Jarom also got to come, and we had lots of fun!

We played games the night that we got there, and the next morning we had canoe races! We timed each person rowing from one point to another and saw who got the best time.

I got the best time for the girls! Whoo hoo!

Here goes Brandon!
Yay! Brandon got the best time out of everyone! That's my sweetie! :)

Jennifer and Jarom getting out of the boat.

Racing as couples!

We had to touch the dock to stop the time, but we missed! Oops!

My handsome husband!

The scenery was really pretty! Yay for Idaho!

I loved the purple flowers!

All of us but Maren (who stayed behind with her two napping boys) on a hike!

Engagement pics? No, but kinda looks like it, huh?

One of the funnest parts on the trip was whenever I got to hole baby James (Dallin and Maren's new little guy). He's such a cutie! :)

We had tons of fun! Yay for camping and great friends!

Melissa Learns to French Braid

So, I never knew how to French Braid, but I always wanted to. I tried to teach myself once when we were living in Idaho Falls, but I didn't quite get it. Then, magically, one day I was playing with my hair, and I somehow FINALLY understood, and now I can French Braid! Here are some pics of one French Braid hair style I tried. Kinda cute!

Looks like it would probably work better for formal than casual, but hey! Next time I have a formal event, I know a fun way to do my hair! :)