Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, we had Mom and Dad Dodds, Michael, and Elizabeth over! We made a really nice dinner for them and got to use our china, nice silverware, and goblets! It was sooooo much fun to have them here, but...of course....we forgot to take pictures of it all. :( Buuuuut, we did get some nice pics of the cupcakes I decorated! :)

I'm really happy how they turned out. They were so much fun to make! :D

I think this cupcake sums up how we feel about our marriage. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our 1 Year Anniversary!!!

February 15th marked the day of 1 year of married bliss! :) We went to a really nice bed and breakfast in Ontario, Oregon and enjoyed wandering the town and relaxing for the weekend!

This is the Creek House Bed and Breakfast!

Here we are!
These are pics of our really pretty room. We were in the "Southern Comfort" room.
Pretty pretty, huh? ;)
Here is downtown Ontario. Not a whole lot, but hey, we live in a city, so small and quiet isn't bad. :)
Here we are with a random oxen team!
So, we stopped at an Eddy's Bakery, hoping to get some Hostess Pies (I know they are TERRIBLE for you, but hey, it was our anniversary!) but they were all out. So we got donuts instead. However, they were kinda falling apart, and while I was trying to keep them together, they just fell onto my lap instead! So, here is me, with a lapfull of messy donuts!
We went to a pizza place called Dolphie's Pizza House! Brandon couldn't wait to get his pizza!
He was sooooooooooo hungry he started to eat his plate!
While I waited patiently and prettily!

Our pizza came and we were both very happy and no longer hungry!


Monday, February 9, 2009

I Made it All By Myself...

Here are some pictures of an apron I made! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It's reversable, so you can choose if you want stripes on top, dots on bottom, or dots of top, stripes on the bottom.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brandon's Birthday!

So, it was actually on January 18th, but we're just slow in posting. :)

I made this cute sign for him :) In my family, we always make a Happy Birthday sign for birthdays.

These are the decorations! We had some friends over for games and cake and ice cream. It was so much fun that we forgot to take pictures of everyone while they were there. So, even though we didn't take pictures of the actual party, just know that we had a good time. :)
Here's the German Chocolate cake I made for my sweetie. It was delicious, thanks to the Pilsbury Dough Boy!
Here's the Birthday Boy with all his fun presents! Ooh, what's in the big one?????

Brandon opened presents from me and Mom and Dad on Sunday (his birthday day). Nicole and Asmir (my cousins) got him some really good chocolates! Yummy! Thanks!Brandon got a two-disc DVD of The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again from Mom and Dad Dodds! These are sooooooo funny!
Here is one of the funnest games (in my opinion)! It's called, There's a Moose in the House! Sooooooooo funny!
A box of M&M's! YUM!
Here's what was in the big present! A Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse! This is definetly a Brandon Mickey. Oh the joys of working at the Disney Store! ;)