Monday, April 20, 2009


Easter Sunday was great! Our ward choir sang "Savior of the World" (not the play. It was an oritorio type thing with speaking in between). I got to sing a solo too! It went well, even though I was listed as Sister Hale in the program instead of Sister Brodhead. ????? Not sure why or how that happened, but oh well! What can you do?
Anyway, the program went well, and I had the lesson for nursery, and that went well too. It was nice enough outside to take the kids on a walk around the temple! They really enjoyed it, and we did too!
Here are our Easter baskets! Oh boy, look at that candy! :D

I thought Brandon deserved a cookie, so I got one out of the cookie jar for him. :)

Brandon thought I deserved a candy cane (since we still have some from Christmas). Cute! lol!

Brandon gave me flowers earlier in the week, just because. :) It was really neat to come home after work and see a beautiful boquet of spring flowers! Aw!

It's us!


We colored eggs and watched Here Comes Peter Cottontail. It was a cute Rankin Bass stop animation movie, and we enjoyed watching it! :) The eggs turned out so cute and pretty!

I was a little sleepy that day and not feeling perfect. I meant to just rest on the bed for a little bit, but ended up falling asleep instead! Brandon made sure to get a picture of me, of course. (Oh, and when Brandon is not there to cuddle with, I enjoy cuddling with stuffed animals instead. It's true.) :)

We had a great and fun Easter together!

A Saturday Together!

The Saturday before Easter Sunday, Brandon didn't have any homework to work on, and I had a day off from work! We haven't had a Saturday together for a VERY long time, so we thought we'd do something fun together. We decided to go to Wahooz to do some miniature golfing. It turned out to be a really fun place, and we had a great time!

Here I am posing in front of a hillbilly house in the golf course!

Brandon was really good!

Our heads are cut off in this picture because we had to put the camera on a bench. I still liked it anyhow. :)

This arch was sooooo cool! The whole course was awesome!

Brandon preparing for the last hole!

This picture shows what an awesome golfer I am (because of Dad, ;) )

Brandon ended up winning by about 6 or 7 points, so we were a pretty good match (but of course, we already knew that! ;) )
They had Dippin' Dots there, and Brandon had never had them before, and I LOVE Dippin' Dots, so, of course, we had to have some! They were yummy and fun! (Notice the excited face) :)

There were two courses, and the other course (that we didn't see until after we finished our game) had this awesome tiki man that would shoot out flames and smoke every now and then! It was cool!

Wahooz also has go-carts, bumper boats, and arcade games. We didn't play any of the arcade games because we didn't have $1 on us, but we looked around. I spotted this sweet Spidey Car, and I knew I had to get a picture with it! lol!

Looks like I'm the new side-kick! :D

We had lots of fun and it was so great to have a fun day date together!

Sewing Skirts!

I've wanted to learn how to make clothes for myself, so I decided to start with skirts! They were really fun to make and I had a great time choosing material with my mom! :)

I made up this skirt as I went along. My sister, Sarah, had a really really cute skirt and I wanted to try and make one like it. However, I couldn't find a pattern for what I wanted, so I decided to make it up myself. The end result wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I think it turned out really cute anyway. :)

I think I looks weird in this picture, so just look at the skirt. :)

These were fun projects! I love sewing! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Visiting Family in Utah!

A couple of weeks ago the whole Dodds family got together in Utah for some spring break fun! Our first stop was the Hogal Zoo! I love the zoo. :)

I love elephants! They are sooooooo cool! And really cute!

A funny black bear! He was fun to watch.

I love red pandas too! They are really cute! It's funny, but I think that it's face looks like Happy's (the family's dog).

Giraffes are sooooo cool!

Tigers are awesome too!

That's a BIG tortis!

We thought this was pretty funny! All of the drinking fountains were lion's mouths, but this one must have had something wrong with it. Anyway, we thought it was funny though because it looks like a Dementor! lol!

A PINK bird!!

We also went to the park and all the girls went shopping later. We'll post more pictures of those things when we get pics from everyone. :)

St. Partick's Day

So, we know that this is really late, but we wanted to post our St. Patrick's Day breakfast! Brandon was soooo sweet! He made a green breakfast for us! (Not my best picture, by the way...)
Yay! Green breakfast burritos! :)

Yummy yum yum!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swimsuit Giveaway!

So, I entered into this contest to win a free swiming suit, and I could have gotten entered three times for posting a link to their page, and I thought I did (I thought all I had to do was add to the side with all the rest of my friends blogs) but I think I was supposed to make a posting and have a link in here. Well, hopefully this still works! Fun stuff though! You should check these out! They're waaaay cute! :)

Here's the link to the blog!