Sunday, March 7, 2010

Southern California Trip Part 3- Sea World!

Day three we went to Sea World! We loved the Dolphin show and we loved seeing Shamu and all the other water animals! We even got to pet the sting rays!

Here's the dolphin show. They are Melissa's favorite!

Here's Melissa with all the pink flamingos!


"Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea...."

Here's a video of the Shark Tunnel. They have this small tunnel through the shark's tank and a moving walkway that you stand on to go through it. It's pretty cool!

I want this car. :D
On our way home, we stopped by the beach real quick while the sun was setting. It was pretty. :)
Then we went to Medieval Times for dinner and JOUSTING!!! :D The place looked like a castle inside and out. Lame picture of the outside, but we were driving, so it was hard to get. :P

Everyone was assigned a specific knight to root for. We had the black and white night. Here he is! He didn't win (or come all that close to it either), but we thought he did great!

Here are all of the knights, ready to compete!

We got a picture with the "king's assistant" (we don't remember his exact title).
And here's us with the black and white knight!

Awesome day, awesome place! We'll have to go again sometime! :)


Kimberly said...

I am glad that you finally updated your blog-I have been waiting. I am glad that you guys got to go on a fun vacation. Me and Dave should have done that before a child came in to our lives making it a little more complicated to just pick up and go on vacation. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!!

Joe and Kristin Family said...

What a great trip. We love Sea World, too. You two seem to have the best and most fun things to do together all the time.

Hope to see you soon!

Joe & Kristin